We worship a living God!
All are welcome at MCC Peoria

MCC Peoria LogoMCC is an emerging church community in Peoria, IL.
Please join us! All are welcome here.
Service at 1:00 pm each Sunday Afternoon for more information email us at mccpeoria@mccpeoria.org
MCC churches are located in over 42 countries on 6 continents and are made up of congregants from many different walks of life. Because of this, we have a fellowship of churches that celebrate diversity both within their local congregations and among our global community. Every church is influenced by the congregation members involved. The people sitting near you during worship services may come from a different religious tradition than you do. Still, we all worship together and celebrate the diversity God creates in us. As a global church, we share the foundational calling (mission) for a specific and intentional outreach to/with all people, accepting all diversity. Our churches actively minister in their communities to all people, supporting each other to come “as we are, believing as we do!”

MCC Peoria is on a bold mission to be a healing and transformative influence in our community, reaching out to Individuals and families of all kinds!

Email mccpeoria@mccpeoria.org